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*NEW* O-Fan®

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*new* O-Fan

The "O-Fan" from Radius is an aesthetically pleasing, flexible and mobile eye-catcher, which simply provides shade for areas on balconies, loggias or seating areas that are difficult to cover.

With the innovative "O-Fan" sunshade, Radius, the manufacturer of fan sails, has added an attractive entry-level model to its product range, which combines complete flexibility with the aesthetic design that is typical of Radius products. The lightweight, fan-shaped sail works from a single attachment point. It can be opened effortlessly without any effort and moved comfortably in all directions/axes with one hand on a ball joint. Thanks to the specially developed brake, which acts on the ball joint, the "O-Fan" can then be fixed in any position to obtain shade in the desired sector.

Deployment-like ease and local flexibility
Depending on the situation, the "O-Fan" can be mounted on a ceiling, a wall or free-standing on a fixed or mobile support. This makes the fan suitable for use on balconies, loggias and seating areas as comprehensive sun protection, as a sectoral addition to awnings, as side protection or as aesthetic privacy protection.

Thanks to the lightweight construction and a weight of only 6-8 kg, the easy handling and the specially designed insertion bracket, the fan sail can be easily dismantled if necessary and used in several places at once, thus covering different needs for shade or the course of the sun's position: More and flexible protection for the same money.

Entry-level model without compromise
Due to the good price-performance ratio and the simple installation that can be removed without leaving any residue, the "O-Fan " is also suitable for the rental apartment segment. With its type, it is unique on the market and has already been in high demand since its launch in autumn 2020.

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beige 44207
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mint 44226
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natural anodized

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SWELA Parasol fabric

The fabric Parasol was soaked in a Teflon bath.

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blue 44205 ocean (while stocks last)

black 44218 black

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wine red 44203 bordeaux

mint 44226

anthracite 44238

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  1. Fredy and Regula Oertly -

    The O-FAN are super - aesthetic, light and very flexible to use as sun and privacy protection. We have three pieces and are thrilled. Very good, friendly advice and installation by Mr. and Mrs. Guggisberg, everything worked out perfectly!

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