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Belwing® Easy Move

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Belwing® Easy Move

Belwing easy move is the exclusive fan system that shades even angled seating areas. The flexible fan surface represents an elegant sun canopy.

High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum characterize this sunshade. Thanks to the fluorocarbon finish, the standard sail fabric is both dirt and water repellent and therefore easy to maintain.

This fan sail is a simple operation. Thereby it can be moved quite uncomplicated by hand and an operating rod thanks to the support of the gas springs.

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Product description

Belwing® easy move

Belwing easy move is the name of the new product from radius®. As the name suggests, this is a sunshade that is easy to use. Thanks to the support of gas pressure springs, it can be easily fanned out by hand or with the help of a hand crank. The Belwing easy move is ideal for protection against annoying sunlight, as it can be tilted and swivelled in just a few steps, depending on the type. You can thus optimally adjust the shade according to your wishes.
Since the Belwing easy move has no electric motors and is operated completely by hand, there is a corresponding price difference to our other innovative sun protection systems.


Depending on your needs, we can offer you different types, varying in sizes and functions:

Belwing® easy move B4
The B4 is the big brother of the B3, performing the same functions but covering a larger area with a clamping angle of 180°.


As standard, the Belwing easy move has a round fabric surface. However, this is also available in a square shape on request.

One variant is the combination with a column. This can be inserted into a ground sleeve or mounted on a movable base with castors.


In addition to the conventional Parasol fabric, we now also offer a new textile in fresh colours in our range. The extended mesh size allows the accumulated air under the Belwing easy move to simply evaporate. This textile protects against solar radiation and provides a diffuse view for a summery ambience.

SWELA Parasol fabric (standard)

Thanks to its fluorocarbon finish, the Parasol fabric is both dirt and water repellent and therefore easy to maintain.

Child's play operation illustrated. The Belwing® easy move with its advantages.

If the wind picks up, the Belwing easy move must be closed. The maximum wind tolerance is 35 km/h.

Design and prices are subject to change without notice.


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The different types of the Belwing® easy move at a glance

Under the following type designations you will find detailed information, pictures as well as operating instructions of the selected type.

Column and base

For free standing seating

A real alternative to the house wall is the combination with a column, which is either inserted into a ground sleeve or mounted on a base on castors, as shown below. With the pedestal variant, you can therefore adjust the shade not only with the standard functions of your Belwing easy move, but also by moving the entire device.


All advantages of Belwing® easy move at a glance

  • aesthetic eye-catcher
  • removable light sight-, sun- and wind protection
  • easy handling
  • without building permit (because mobile, can usually also be placed on border)
  • High quality material and workmanship
  • Swiss product
Operating videos

Belwing® easy move B1

Very easy to operate. Let the videos convince you yourself.

Technical drawings
Offer / Order

Interested? Request a free quote from Belwing® easy move! Please send us a plan or photos of your situation with a few measurements by e-mail. We can make a photo montage for you.


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