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The frame is always anodised in the standard natural finish.

natural anodized

traffic white

natural anodized

white aluminium

RAL colour possible at an extra charge.

Airtex standard fabrics

There is a wide range of fabric colours available.

dark grey 009

light grey 021

white 005

light beige 041

yellow 001
(while stocks last)

orange 002
(while stocks last)

cherry red 013 (while stocks last)

wine red 007 (while stocks last)

blue 037
(while stocks last)

dark blue 003
(while stocks last)

green 019
(while stocks last)

Design subject to change without notice! Colour deviations from the colour sample may occur. The inside of the fabric is lighter than the outside.

SWELA Parasol fabric

The fabric Parasol was soaked in a Teflon bath.

Fabric white 44209 white

beige 44207 sand

gelb 44254 sunflower

grey 44208 stone

dunkelgrün 44206 (solange Vorrat)

dunkelblau 44205 (solange Vorrat)

schwarz 44218 (solange Vorrat)

cherry red 44213

wine red 44203 bordeaux

hellgrün 44226

anthracite 44238

köngisblau 44252

mittelgrün 44253

orange 44255

At a glance

  • radiant brilliance
  • high colour brilliance
  • highly lightfast
  • highest UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • silky
  • insensitive to dirt
  • water-repellent
  • extremely tear resistant
  • dimensionally stable - low abrasion values